31 MAY, 20:00 - 22:00 UTC +3, ONLINE

Abstrasension in virtual space

With the participation of Nuage, Stayhomie, Adams
On the last day of spring, a fantastic journey from Abstrasension will take place. The festival of atmospheric electronic music will hold an online music concert in a virtual space created by the Studio of visual solutions Svetografika.

In the face of a pandemic, when all concerts and festivals are postponed, we are trying to continue to inspire atmospheric electronics and visual art-now in an now online format, immersing artists and audiences in a real-time world where everything is possible.

Abstrasension in virtual space
This is how the locations of the upcoming online concert look like.
A festival and label of electronic music, which has been developing non-mainstream electronic music in Russia for the past 7 years. This time we will hold a concert in the most unusual location in the history of the festival — in virtual space.
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Online concert of Abstraction in virtual space