Tour Vacant (UK)
Accompanied by the finest local Russian artists
Spring - Moscow, St. Petersburg + TBA
Woodju Concert
Liveshow accompanied by a percussionist
29 February - Moscow, Club IZI
Abstrasension w/ Phaeleh and Slugabed (UK)

+ 15 other electronic musicians
23 February - St. Petersburg, Club Blank
In August 2012, the word Abstrasension got formed. Since then we have held 30 large-scale festivals and numerous concerts. Over one hundred musicians from all over the world have performed here. In the meantime we founded a label, united musicians & fans from all over the world who just as us love atmospheric electronic music.
30 large-scale festivals
And more than 80 music events organized across various cities in Russia
Hundreds of Musicians
Slow Magic (USA), Blackbird Blackbird (USA), Vacant (UK), Phaeleh (UK), Sun Glitters (LUX), Arms and Sleepers (USA), Synkro (UK), Bvdub (USA), Parra for Cuva (GER), Sorrow (UK) and many others
Current venues
Yota space, Cosmonaut, 16 Tons, Printing House, river Lounge Ship, Sea Club, Golitsyn Loft, Bertgold Center, Bryusov Ship, Roof Place, Orangery - Tauride garden
Intensive program
Hours-long show, over 20 musicial projects and an extensive geography of artists and stages within a single festival
What we do
Clubroot and Vacant (UK) in Saint Petersburg
25 November 2018, Warpp Live
Abstrasension w/ Vacant, Clubroot (UK)
24 November 2018, Moscow, Club PRAVDA
Abstrasension w/ Long Arm
23 November 2018, Ekaterinenburg, Club Dom Pechati
Mini-тour Quok «KROV»
Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh, 2018
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Sun Glitters (LUX) at the Orangery
5 October 2018, St. Petersburg, Orangery - Tauride garden
Abstrasension w/ Kidkanevil (GER)
Celebration of the fifth anniversary of the festival August 18-22-24, 2018, St. Petersburg
Аbstrasension w/ Parra for Cuva (GER)
15 November 2018, St. Petersburg, Club HI-HAT
Long Arm at the Orangery
Every spring and summer in St. Petersburg at Orangery - the Tauride garden
Secret Concert - Ishome in St. Petersburg
28 April, St. Petersburg, Club Warpp Live
Rumpistol (DK) in Moscow and St. Petersburg
15-16 December 2017, Moscow— club Rodnya, St. Petersburg — Orangery - Tauride Garden
Concert - All In Orchestra
13 October 2017, Moscow, Club 16 Тоnn
Release presentation of Quok and Jan Amit
8 October 2017, St. Petersburng, Orangery - Tauride Garden
Presentation of the liveshow of Pixelord
16 September 2017, St. Petersburg, Club Geshtalt
Abstrasension w/ Ambassadeurs (UK)
18 August 2017, St. Petersburg, Club HI-HAT
Nuage: presents the album WILD
10 July 2017, Moscow, Club 16 Tonn
Concert - Woodju in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Presentation of new program
Mini-tour Vacant (UK) «Nocturnal»
In late spring 2017 Jake Mckinson performed in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg
First Abstrasension at the Orangery
13 May 2017, Long Arm concert in St. Petersburg
Abstrasension w/ Synkro, Vacant (UK), Ishome (RU)
4 March 2017, Moscow , Club YOTASPACE
Concert - Bvdub (USA)
at Club Amper
18 February 2017, St. Petersburg, Club Amper
Abstrasension w/ Long Arm & Ghostek
2-9 July 2016, St. Petersburg — Ship «River Lounge», Moscow — Ship «Bryusov»
Abstrasension w/ Sorrow (UK)
27 February 2016, St. Petersburg, Club Cosmonaut
Abstrasension w/ Sorrow (UK), Sun Glitters (LUX)
26 February 2016, Moscow, Club YOTASPACE
Abstrasension w/ Vacant (UK)
27-28 November 2015, St. Petersburg— Club Mope, Moscow — Powerhouse
Abstrasension w/ Long Arm
29 May 2015, Moscow, Club 16 Tonn
Abstrasensionw/ Arms and Sleepers (USA)
23 May 2015, St. Petersburg, Club Mope
Abstrasension w/ Slow Magic (USA)
9 August 2014, St. Petersburg, Club Mope
Concert - Blackbird Blackbird (USA)
12 March 2014, St. Petersburng, Club Море